Phil Crennell  is a greatly experienced Artisan in the field of Live Edge Furniture. All his rustic natural form furniture is made from hardwood sourced in Scotland. The wood Phil uses is Oak, Elm, Yew, Sycamore and Ash, and occasionally uses Apple, Cherry, Laburnum and Beech. Having travelled and lived in various parts of Scotland he is based in South West Scotland making furniture and fulfilling commissions for customers all over the British Isles.

About Me

My introduction to working life was in London where I trained as an apprentice cabinet maker and French polisher; an intensely skilled craft using just hand tools. Following that for many years I worked as a graphic artist, illustrator and photo retoucher in the advertising and music industry. I lived on a boat on the Thames while I worked in London. I then sailed to the Isle of Mull in the late 70's to develop my painting. On Mull I established a gallery, artists workspace and accomodation at The Steadings, Tiroran. This is when I started working with wood again, sculpting and wood turning. I have worked with wood ever since. For the past fifteen years I have been making natural form 'Live Edge' furniture.

I am now based at Auchenlosh Woodland in Dumfries and Galloway, where, with invaluable help from Malcolm Lemmon (a timber structure and construction specialist) and good friends, a Greenwood Timber Framed Workshop was built. Hidden away, the workshop snuggles into a coniferous woodland with all sorts of invited ethereal inhabitants. The quiet and tranquillity of the surroundings enable me to become lost in the creative process. As the green framed workshop naturally seasons it will sit contently in its space for many years to come. The workshop is a two storey building with a dedicated gallery space for my furniture and paintings.

My Rustic Approach

The approach to the way I work and the material I choose to work with, Scottish Hardwood, is a reflection of my ethos and reflects the essence of how I live. By its very nature each piece of wood is unique in its form. The grain, the waney edge, unique burring or stunning ripple effect permanently etched into its surface. The furniture is to be enjoyed and provide enchantment and soulful well being.


I seem to be a magnet for aged interesting pieces of wood, sometimes stored for years until it finds its new purpose or its part in the jigsaw of a new piece of furniture. Features hidden in the wood for hundreds of years reveal themselves through my sculptural process of working. I also apply the same process to my painting; discovery through controlled accident using techniques to reveal the invisible spirit of nature in all things natural.


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